Staple ● Test t-shirt

A smashing t-shirt is a staple in everyone’s closet. Now think of a Staple tee and tell me if this isn’t the upper level of this item. I never get tired to see items by this brand because you can tell that the innovation is a key factor when is time to develop a collection.

Being in good relationship with Nitro Distribution, the unit behind this brand in Italy, I had the chance to post quite a few Staple items in the past but this one is something special. Sometimes designers love to test their graphics on actual fabric but for a reason or another they don’t make the final cut and therefore there are some samples that you will never find in a Staple authorized dealer.

This item, that was called simply “Graphic S/s tee” on his tag, is a twist on that trend that comes from late 80s / early 90s pop music tees. Just looking at the font on top of the rectangle of the graphic and how gradient is its colorway reminds of that era. It could have been inspired by a Madonna merchandise t-shirt for all I know, rather than a Nirvana one.

Maybe it was too retro for Staple standards but in all honesty I find it a smashing piece and its dark picture makes it easy to match with seasonal tones. “World renown locally respected” is part Staple claim and part juxtaposition with your own reality. You can wear it as you feel, with it a pop feeling with every item of your outfit at its place or giving it a grunge twist with distressed denim and a tied flannel at your waist.

This is one of the key factors when you dress Staple: you can be all you want. From discreet embroidered logo tees to flamboyant designs nothing is missing in Staple collection, so you can do you every time you want. Don’t wait in vain for this tee that will never drop then, but rather focus on what is available now: browsing Staple website you will find your own way to make your style… world renown and locally respected.

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