Staple ● Tonal Logo tee

Are you an A$ap Rocky Fan? Did you listen to every word of his new joint “Asap Forever”? When he goes like “I put A$AP on my tat/I put New York on the map/I put the gang on the flames/They gon’ remember the name” he makes me think of Staple.


Staple Pigeon is one of the sharpest representations of New York, if we talk streetwear flavor, starting from its logo that incorporates a pigeon. Why that bird? Who else is constantly roaming in metropolitan areas in order to survive?! Staple lives off the urban vibes of the Big Apple that inspire the creative process of his founder Jeff Staple in a loop.


Fresh off its recent collaboration with Ellesse, the brand that is notorious for the high level of its cut and sew pieces here gets a new post on The Maxiemillion for a t-shirt. Venturing on the pastel tone trend that is reigning over streetwear these days, we get to see Tonal Logo tee, a simple item that is all but basic.


While the average brand would have had its name and logo screenprinted on the chest Staple, opted for a subtle tonal embroidered outline, as you can see from these shots of Elisa C. Lightweight to endure NYC hot weather, this t-shirt is for those slick outfits that show taste instead of price tags.


Also available in a shade of baby blue this tee shows an unusual branding close to the hem. If you expect to see a woven label there, don’t forget that this is Staple and nothing that looks like deja vu is interesting here. That’s why the little square with the pigeon is screenprinted. Get in touch with Nitro Distribution in order to know more about the Italian diffusion of this brand. Do you see why Staple reminds me those A$ap bars? Because you gon’ remember this name..
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