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Hello my reader. I know, it has been intense these days: lots of people to meet, never ending lunches and dinners, lots of celebrations that include social drinking… It’s hard even for me but I am not quitting.

Now obviously the focus is on what we will wear on New Years’s Eve so I am giving you a special selection in these few days left. Staple is always welcome on The Maxiemillion, considering how it represents to the fullest the evolution of streetwear in its many facets, from a New Yorker point of view.

If the name of the New Yorker is Jeff Staple, it is easy to understand that anything that has his signature is something progressive, at the crossroad among street and sport, just the direction where our lifestyle is going. Think that brands like Nike, Timberland and Puma among others, rely on this streetwear guru when it’s time to create outstanding limited edition capsules.

Show love to Jeff Staple rocking on the chest its year of birth: by doing so, you automatically enter the World Race of crisp individuals as the patch on the sleeve suggests.

World Race Polo has a vintage aura of that sportswear item that could be worn on a golf field or during a regatta rather than at the box of a Formula 1 team, showing off the sponsors with its multiple patches and embroidery.

With an uncommon color block diagonal scheme, this is the piquet polo that “other established brands” would sell you for double or triple the price. World Race Polo has a plus that sportswear mass brands does not have, anyway: it doesn’t represent a sport but all of them, let alone that it has a scarce circulation, so you don’t risk to see it everywhere you go.

Available in Italian shops through Nitro Distribution, Staple keeps on being a connoisseur brand that doesn’t belong to the masses. Show you are special: Staple website awaits with a bunch of options that you have to consider, to let them know who you are…

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Photos courtesy of Ema Nema

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