Staple – Titan crewneck by Blue Distribution

If we talk about Staple we have to make a couple of things clear: this brand is called like this because of the family name of Jeff Staple, its founder and CEO. Also known as Staple Pigeon, this brand that is making noise worldwide for a few years now and since 2015 is available through Blue Distribution even in Italy. I first came in contact with Staple in real world (read “not on the internet”) at Bread & Butter in Berlin, probably around 2011. I inspected every stitch of their collection to come to the conclusion that the reputation that precedes this brand is not built on hype but on true quality. Its one of a kind perspective on streetwear makes this brand a leader in the best way, when it comes to set trends: leading by example. Even if Jeff Staple in his own words considers himself lame, this Titan crewneck is all but lame. It’s pretty dope to say it all. We are in front of a design that is really innovative. Cuffs have cuts for your thumbs but it’s the sublimated print on a silky fabric that steals the show. Geometric designs that are reminiscing of a kefiah add a revolutionary aura to this crewneck that is actually very clean. Not only on the front, this sublimated print ends up on the interior part of the sleeves too with a result that speaks about finesse. You may be ready to this mens item that Elena B is wearing, by now. Unless you desire to look like every other guy you meet…

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