Staple x Coca Cola ● Classic Track Jacket

Two things make streetwear great these days: collaborations and track jackets. It goes without saying that a collaboration on a track jacket is something to keep an eye on. If the collab is among Staple and Coca Cola you have American flavor at its peak and we have no choice but to get deeper on the subject.

Staple is the underground streetwear authority from New York, part of Nitro Distribution roster, that can’t be no longer ignored. No matter if you have heard of it real quick because of its limited edition collaboration Nike SB Dunks or if you are familiar because of its next level cut & sew constructions but Jeff Staple brand is here to stay.

Blame it on the need to make yourself be visible in New York or on its extremely interesting quality price rate (read: price low x very high level of design) but Staple can’t stop making heads turn on each and every item he touches.

It’s the details that make an item great and this is no secret to Jeff whose meticulous approach to design make this brand a success. Staple x Coca Cola Classic Track jacket blinks an eye to pop culture with finesse. Its original bright shade of red has slightly turned into the infrared tone that is a reoccurring element in Staple creations, representing at the same time the color of many great sneakers and pigeon legs.

This animal in this brand’s philosophy represents the city dwellers that wear Staple in all the cities in the world. Look closely and you can find its shadow inside the P of the branding on the chest.

The other branding is Coca Cola’s, that has been embroidered straight on the poly fabric. The wave of the Americana logo par excellence has become the line that divides the color block design of this item and this is a remarkable inspired vision.


Give a look to its embroidery on the sleeve and to the zipper pull and you will find yourself browsing Staple website to cop this track jacket in no time: it’s the real thing
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Photos courtesy of Ludovica Sanseverino

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