Staple x Coca Cola ● INTL Long Sleeve tee

Staple has a clear concept in mind: nothing beats Coca Cola freshness. That’s why the New York giant born as a Jeff Staple outlet for creativity joined forces with the world renown soda drink whose name is spelled in every language of the planet. The Staple x Coca Cola capsule collection is making a buzz this season because you have two crucial factors that boost it: Jeff creativity together with the rich iconography of the soda drink.

As you can read in his Salad Days interview, Jeff as a Staple creative director says that every collaboration starts from a need of communication. It ain’t hard to tell that Coca Cola needed to contextualize in current times the leadership of its timeless logo and no better thing in this case than a collaboration with a streetwear brand.

It’s the second time that we talk about this collaboration, last time it was Classic track jacket and each and every time we deal with a superior item. Look at these shots of Michela P and you won’t believe to the level of attention that has been put on every detail of this INTL Long Sleeve tee.

Beside the two embroideries of the chest, this unusual color block tee has the central white block shaped like Coca Cola ribbon but what steals the show here are the sleeves.

The most obscure languages in which Coca Cola has been translated are all here on the taping. A little masterpiece if you think that each logo is laser etched and thermo glued, elevating the standard of craftsmanship of this item.

On the back a large Coca Cola Classic Original Formula logo contributes to the retro flavor of this raglan tee that is good to go all over the world. Why should its name had the word INTL in it, otherwise?! Get your wardrobe contextualized in current times too and don’t miss the chance to wear an item of this Staple x Coca Cola capsule. Get in touch with Nitro Distribution to know where is the nearest Italian streetwear shop that is able to let you reach this level of freshness…
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Photos courtesy of Gros

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