Staple x Kangol ● Casual

Sometimes my posts are just to pass you some informations about new items dropping, while other times I have my heart skipping a beat because of too much love for the item posted. If you are a regular reader then you should know how I keep Staple and Kangol in a high regard, now try to think how crazy I may be about this collaboration hat.

You guessed it, I am desperately in love with it, considering that if there is a family of patterns that I have a panchant for, that is camouflage. But this is far from being average.

Belonging to the Tiger Stripe camo group, the dark grey tone of this Kangol Casual is a pure eye candy. We first bumped into this shape 6 years ago being Bermuda Casual a timeless style, where Bermuda stands for the smooth terry cloth-like fabric while Casual is the name of its shape. Here more than ever the brand puts the accent on the design, being this an iconic silhouette that every prominent MC wore during hip hop golden age, from Kurtis Blow to LL Cool J, but also Missy Elliot and Ludacris in relatively recent times. Don’t call it a Kangol bucket hat, because that is a different shape.

The cultural value of Kangol Casual is huge in itself and now even Staple can be counted among the collaborations that this brand went through that include among others Stussy, Alexander Wang and Patta.

To make this Kangol x Staple Casual stand out, the design has shifted the frontal kangaroo on the side, adding a new friend on the opposite side: the infamous Staple pigeon. The fly factor is major, if you realize that the color of both these embroidered animals is infrared, the tone that is present most of the time in Staple items.

I heard tales from Nitro Distribution of 10 pieces only reaching the Italic turf so if you want to rock a cap that stands out for real I secretly give you here below the link of the shop that firmly believed in this item, now available on its online shop. Strictly for kings and queen.

Shop online for this item here:

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