Starter Black Label ● Ballin t-shirt

Do you want know what fits a sharp streetwear outfit, these days like never before? Original sportswear. Contamination is key these days and nothing looks better with a pair of chunky sneaker than a t-shirt by a 90s brand. Who is more legit in sportswear than Starter Black Label?! The European division of the OG American sportswear brand is giving a contemporary twist to Starter, without forgetting its roots.

Ballin t-shirt is ready for every street adventure you want to take her. Do you indulge in rhyming at your friend’s studio? Are action sports your favorite pastime? Are you into graffiti writing? Or you just like to hit the club dressed in a sharp retro style? This Starter item is for all the above situations. The timeless logo once worn on the head of Dj Jazzy Jeff is now screen printed on a t-shirt that brings it all back to the game. Basketball fans have their orange ball included in this tee, increasing the already strong original hood flavor that makes this item a must.

Italian licensee Bengy & Co (that recently sent in that NFL Washington Redskins bomber) is in charge of the production of the apparel section of this brand and this means that such Ballin t-shirt here worn by Jessy C is made in Italy. The best of both world is in front of you: the authentic sportswear brand from NY and the Italian experience when it comes to apparel craftsmanship.

As far as details are concerned, this tee doesn’t take branding lightly: Ballin’ tee has a printed sleeve and also a large woven label stitched on the bottom at the left to increase the sportswear appeal of this item.

Now that you read this and you know that such gem is available on Italian turf, you’d better start your hunting getting in contact with Bengy & Co. Only good things can follow…
Photos courtesy of Ema Nema

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