Starter Black Label ● Color Block Fleece + Fold Square Beanie

Stater Black Label brings me back to the 90s every time I look at it. There is nothing I can do about it: in that decade Starter was a sign of distinction that meant first class sportswear. Let’s say that if you were into hip hop all you wanted to have a dope style was a cap, a jacket or a fleece with the S and the star.

Even grandmaster DJ Jazzy Jeff, one of the most respected turntablists worldwide to this day, was an official endorser of the brand in a Starter ad that schooled you on how to rock a cap. But Starter fame was bigger than hip hop: even Brooke Shields acted in a 1992 commercial.

It’s a nice feeling to see that the brand is still around, being Starter Black Label a reality since 2011. Recently, like I told you last season, thanks to its Italian distributor Bengy and Company it’s available even in Italy so let’s give a look to what Michela P is wearing.

Wear the Fold Square beanies like you see it here or unfold it and leave it long: being its structure made by a doubled fabric, the woven label is stitched on one side only so there is no sign of stitchings on the back.

The sporty vibe is strong in this Color Block fleece that represents a valid alternative to come out of an “all black everything” style. Purple, navy and grey are the three colors that get along nicely on the front of this hoodie, while the back is completely purple except for its grey hem and cuffs.

It’s the impact of the large screen printed logo on the front to make this item a 90s must. Like all the brands that can claim a true heritage to their name, now it’s the time to be retro fresh and this outfit has it all.

At this point you know what you have to do: get in touch with Bengy and Company and ask where the nearest shop that sells Starter is. The 90s are so damn close…
Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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