Starter Black Label ● Iconic Crewneck

Who can ever stop original sportswear?! It may be hard for a new brand to identify a strategy and become a power player of the game, but not for a heritage brand like Starter Black Label.

Promotion and marketing are getting more and more complicated: everybody seems to have the key and then in the end… everybody does the same without an actual narrative and this is where most new brands fail.

Starter Black Label has left its mark in American Sportswear during the 90’s, expanding later on to the whole world, and this makes a huge difference. Adults grew up with this capital S that wraps a star and such logo worn by athletes and music artists. This means that once they see it again on a Starter t-shirt or on a Starter crewneck, like in this case, the throwback effect is real.

Me and other mature readers may remember when back in the days you had Jazzy Jeff as the official endorser of Starter caps. No way to duplicate such historical moments in our culture. While now as far as headwear you have all the options you want, back in the 90’s to play it cool you had to rock a Starter cap. Then again how many times did we see a Starter Varsity worn by LL Cool J just like NWA members?!

Regardless of your memories and age, the fascination coming from such a retro logo popping on this Starter Iconic Crewneck can’t be denied. Instead of wearing the same brand of your sneakers again even on your fleece, give your outfit a connoisseur twist and rock this brand for a change.

Ready to become your ally for a breezy night, no matter if you are riding a scooter or sailing during your holidays, this crewneck is ready to tell people how much you are down with the original culture. Available all over Europe through Starter Black Label website, shops that want to connect with the brand can contact Bengy and Company to carry it. In case no shops in your area has it, don’t panic: there is even Starter Italia website, rest assured.

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