Starter Black Label ● Logo Orange crewneck + Tornado trucker

May you please stand up for a second? We have a very welcome comeback here on The Maxiemillion. I don’t know about you but during the 90s when I was peeping Yo! MTV Raps there were rap icons rocking Starter caps with the hanging tag still attached. Or Kriss Kross in that “Jump” video rocking a green Starter beanie.

How about that Starter commercial with Jazzy Jef that was a statement of where Afro-American culture was going back then. You had to “Look for the star”, as he said. We are talking 1992, so if you are into this sportswear comeback that is everywhere in our world, here you found it once again.

That was a period where sportswear was a heavy influence in urban culture: all you wanted to wear to look fresh was a Bulls Starter shirt just like Chuck D in Bring The Noise video. I could go on forever and this means one thing: that era left a mark on me.

It seems that I’m not alone in this because somebody in the UK wanted to bring back such an iconic brand and that’s how it went in 2011. Starter Black Label was born as the heritage brand that took to the next level in current era the legacy of such an iconic brand in streetwear.

To put it simple: it’s not really a retro fresh outfit if you don’t rock a Starter cap, but Bengy & Company, its new Italian distributor came to the rescue with a def (that’s how you said “dope” in the early 90s) outfit.

Logo Orange Crewneck and Tornado Trucker here worn by Alessia M represent a sharp way to make an impression. The black on black plastic logo on the front of the crown is shiny and stands out but it’s very smooth while the crewneck is so in your face it’s brilliant. I strongly suggest to wear it with a thrift store camouflage joint. Were you looking for that special connoisseur throwback? There you go!
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi photo

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