Starter Black Label ● Tamper Pitcher cap + Full Zip fleece

How iconic is the S with a star that stands for Starter Black Label? The whole generation raised in the 90s on basketball and hip hop loves this brand with a genuine feeling and just can’t get enough of it.

You can tell the same about this blog: check how many posts about this brand I did already. With the recent distribution deal secured by Bengy & Co this saga continues. I already posted not long ago a long sleeve and a trucker cap from Spring Summer Starter Black Label collection and today I’m about to show you more.

In that decade Dad Hats were popular and that’s the reason why such shape has been brought back. Temper Pitcher cap is the name of this six panel strapback that shows once again why this brand is an authority in headwear. Its grey twill is smooth and the woven label in the center of the crown is raised and has an embroidered edge. The shape is quite low, as you can see from these pictures of Alice M and the visor is slightly curved, following the guidelines of how this style of cap should be.

Considering how neutral is its shade of grey, the best thing you can do to spice things up in an outfit is to wear a red Full Zip fleece. This item is all you want it to be: wear it like a fleece or like a jacket but this is the ultimate street garment that can always be useful.

With its screen printed logo on the chest and its pockets with ribbed hem, this hoodie keeps up with the standard that this sportswear brand got us used through the decades.

The label stitched on the pocket is your warranty of a timeless style that goes beyond trends. Now you are ready to conquer the world with the power of retro freshness.
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi photo

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