Starter Black Label ● White Two Tone

A cap is just a cap, right? Wrong! A cap is a crucial point of your outfit, kid. Getting all the attention of the person in front of you like a necklace or a scarf, this item defines your mood. It talks about your style and it does in a very specific way. This Starter Black Label White Two Tone snapback, here modeled by Bianca M in white and orange, is hot stuff now. There is a strong presence of neon colors in these summer days and this heardwear piece murders caps more than Kendrick Lamar murders mcs. As I write I envision so many opportunities to wear this, it’s a no brainer. Any camouflage with a touch of orange piece in your closet? This snapback gives it an opportunity to shine, keepin’ it bright, because of the white crown. Any shoe with orange laces? Here comes the perfect match. The simplicity of white and orange here make room for interesting outfits from the female side too. Think of this with orange nails. Or with an orange belt. I’m pretty sure I gave you the picture. As far as the structure of the cap, you should know what we are talking about by now. This snapback is solid yet light and the raised embroidery is made by a company that knows exactely what you like. The snapback that started to be in the spotlight on the head of rap celebrities a couple of decades ago, made a comeback and it’s here to stay. The Black Label division of Starter in Italy is an SRD Distribution affair.

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