Starter x Altamont ● Decades 2 snapback

Headgear to no end? Absolutely. In the fresh world of The Maxiemillion I try to give you the picture of what goes down in this section of streetwear. Caps are more and more these days so a few words on this Altamont cap seem a good idea. We have seen a cap very similar to this Altamont Decades 2: it’s that red Decades cap that I posted here last June. This one worn by Laura S is the 2 tone version. You call in this way a cap with a visor of a color different from the crown. Remember when we saw the last 2 tone cap here? Well, this Decades 2 cap is produced by Starter. Just to let you figure out this thing properly, Starter in the United States is not Starter Black Label: the first is the original brand while the Black Label division is the European headquarter that develops a collection for the old continent. In Altamont headwear collection you can find your 5 panels cap or the mandatory bucket hat, but this is a classic snapback. This brand is dropping total awesomeness here. The shape that rocks the most is ready to welcome your dome piece and make you an envied person in every corner of the city. Whoever at design department picked up this light grey/green combo deserves an handshake and a pat on his back. The grey is subtle and delicate while green shines bright. Match this or don’t, it’s not a big deal. You can wear it randomly and it will work, no matter the color of your kicks.

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