Starter Black Label ● 2 Tone Athletic Dept

This is the third instalment of the Starter saga that I started on Monday. I shared with you some infos about this brand, its history and even on style issues related to these 4 snapbacks that we are peepin’ one by day.
Now it seems time to let you all know why I am connected to SRD, Starter distributor in Italy. Giorgio S is SRD ceo. Everybody knows that he is good at what he does. He is not hangin’ out at parties, nor he’s bragging here and there to be part of the scene. Giorgio makes things happen. It seems that he learned a lesson from Biggie in that joint called Ten crack commandments: “Number two: never let em know your next move. Don’t you know Bad Boys move in silence?” . Distributor in Italy for skate kicks and skateboard hardware for decades, I first met him way back in the day when both me and him were… skateboard journalists. I was writing for XXX skatebard magazine and he was writing for Skate. Beside this, he was advertising in XXX and he was sending us stuff for product reviews so back in the day I get to skate a World Shiloh Greathouse and a Planet Earth Mirko Magnum that he sent in for pics and reviews. A lot of water passed under the bridge and I met Giorgio even at one of the last ASR in San Diego. He is a smart listener, I can tell he puts attention to what people say. I told him about my blog, we met a couple of more times I think at Bread & Butter and he knows that I’m a cap fanatic (may I brag a bit and label my persona “cap scientist”?). He sees the passion in what I do, that’s why when I first knew that he was dealing in Starter too I asked him to review a few snapbacks and he agreed kindly. What Guia AG is wearing today is 2 Tone Athletic Dept snapback. Starter Black Label is retro fresh and I’m sure that trendspotters will catch up on this real soon.

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