Starter Black Label ● 2 Tone College Arch

According to what I wrote yesterday in my post, this is the second instalment so it’s about time to start to talk about style issues concerning this Starter cap. Belonging to the family of snapbacks much en vogue these days, this cap (and the other ones from Starter that will be posted by the end of the week) is part of their Black Label collection as that sticker on the visor says. The Black Label is a sport inspired collection not really representing any specific team, but just bringin’ back the shape of the Starter illustrious snapback in an endless variety of colors. Did I say shape? Yes I did. The first thing you notice is that flipped up visor. It’s actually one of the key factors of the beauty of this collection. Visors are squared in a right way: not too much, not too little. The front part of the crown is straight but not too tall and the embroidery is thick and well executed. Made out of wool, this cap has a light structure that seems alright: it will fit you without bothering your head. Guia AG in these pictures rocks the 2 Tone College Arch model. I like it how she wears it but I know that many style aficionados would love to rock this backwards. This would help you show your love for the Starter S logo with the star that would end up in this way on your forehead. Me I don’t like it. Since I saw Limp Bizkit rock backwards caps, that thing for me is now gone forever. Together with caps, the European division of the brand (distributed here in Italy by SRD) also brought back pompon beanies and of course those superior satin jackets, beside footwear too. So in a simple yet accurate approach, anybody can tell that these are outfit friendly caps. Headgear to combine according to your kicks and what you are wearing in general. If you got skills in putting together sick styles, this is time to show  that your style is a rebel without a pose, word to Public Enemy.


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