Starter Black Label ● Afrika Safari 3 Tone

Starter Black Label, the iconic brand that took snapbacks to the next level is with us once again. This brand that belongs to Refuel Global Brands is showing nothing but good signs. For the cap fans always looking for something that stands out in the crowd we have something worth watching today. Afrika Safari 3 Tone is the name of this snapback on the head of Valentina Z. It’s a jungle out there, didn’t you notice yet?! Let’s say that from the first python visors that we saw around, we found ourselves in no time surrounded by all types of animal print, blowin’ up in the urban scenario. No matter if it’s a python, a leopard, a tiger, a giraffe or a zebra like in this case, you will see these patterns en vogue for a while. Is it a way to stress out that animals are slowly turning into a “thing of the past” in the day to day rat race or is it a way to express your mood, according to the type of animal print that you rock? I like this 3 tone design is because it’s aggressive but subtle. It’s there but you don’t see it at first and this is what makes it unique compared to an average visor with an all over pattern. The icing on the cake here is that the good folks at design department put zebra fabric even on the button on top. Now this is what I call an ill cap. The black/red/white combination allows you to wear this most of the time, says SRD Distribution. Wait, did I just introduced you your new favourite cap?

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