Starter Black Label ● Native visor

I am a Virgo. Born on the very last day of the sign (September 22nd), this always influenced a bit my modus operandi. Not that I rely on the zodiac for daily decisions but a few common traits of the sign are totally corresponding to how I am. I’m picky and I’m obsessed by details. Starter Black Label here gave me a good run for my money with this Native Visor Snapback. I swear I didn’t notice it at first. I was more intrigued by the mix of the materials since satin is very high in my personal rank of fabrics, especially on a cap. Then, after the shooting with Laura S was done I get to see with attention this design and I saw it. Masquerading as one of those Native American patterns that are so much in demand in these days, there is a micro masterpiece here. Peep closely and you will see in the fourth picture that incorporated in that design there is a multiple Starter star backwards. So it’s a bit tricky to the eye but it’s there to be seen, it’s perceived but not evident. That’s the kind of details that makes a cap stand out. I call this ninja style: you don’t see it but it’s there. Designers put this Native fabric also under the visor and the result is captivating; the third picture gives you an idea better than my words do. So no matter what your etnicity is or if you’re a Pisces or a Lion: if you are a style king, this cap calls your name.

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