“Y’all want publicity, y’all want Star Wars/y’all want them Star Wars” (Kool Keith)

Starter Black Label never stops to surprise me and every time is the same story: I look at one of their caps, I smile like I was demented and I’m loss for words. Could you ever expect a cap like the one that Laura S is wearing today?! This Star Wars Manga Logo Snapback is an example of what this brand is capable of.

Not only the crown of this snapback is one of the best looking ever, but the work on the embroidery hits hard like that Kendrick Lamar verse in “Control”. The thick embroidery on the front of the crown gets a second treatment that is similar to the one that gets used with skateboard wheels: tampoon printing. I told you about this procedure when I reviewed a set of Ricta wheels about one year ago. A graphic design very defined printed over the embroidery is actually next level in headwear (and it could give a heart attack to any die hard Star Wars fan).

There are more good news concerning Starter: beside the superior production of this snapback and all the others available in Italy through SRD Distribution, Starter is giving a party. Join the festivity with us Friday at Old Fashion, one of the most historical clubs in Milan: you may grab one of Starter caps when there will be the product toss and bring it home with you.

Just don’t forget to smile when the photographer takes a picture of you with your brand new snapback on your head: ugly pictures usually don’t make the cut to Old Fashion Facebook galleries.

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