Starter Black Label ● Camouflage bucket

Bucket hats. Starter Black Label knew that this would have been “the big throwback” in summer 2013 so they had a little fun with these. In Berlin at Bright I had the chance to see Starter new collection and I gotta warn you: it’s hot like fish grease. How can you hate on such a hip hop classic cap?! Think about LL Cool J in his prime. Think about all the puppets that you have seen in graffiti art wearing one. Or if you are a skater focus on Lucien Clarke lid. Or focus on me 20 years ago in this picture, if you prefer. Brands start to push this retro item recently added to their range and you start to see here and there coordinated outfits with shirts (or sneakers) and bucket caps of the same pattern. I’m not sayin’ that this is gonna blow up soon for a simple reason: it’s hard to look good in a cap of this shape. It’s not a cap for everyone. You need attitude in abundance and a smashing outfit. Knock yourself out like Jadakiss was there to give you motivation. This cap here on the head of Chiara C is nowhere to be found on Starter Black Label website. So you may start to ask yourself where did I find it. My answer is quite nice: I had it from the hands of the designer. You’re right, that good ole “Yeah my friend, you can keep this”. No courier was harmed in the making of this post. Stay tuned with The Maxiemillion if you love Starter, this is just the beginning.

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