Starter Black Label ● Bunker Camouflage

It was January 5th 2009 when I first reviewed here a camouflage item. Do you really believe that I’m posting this Starter Bunker Snapback because it’s the flavor of the season or you start having doubts that I really love this pattern? Camouflage is urban, it’s a rebellious way to say no to war. Hippies started wearing this. Then punks. Punk is now played like a fashion phenomenon but it’s a movement with roots that you probably confuse with a spiked bag that you bought at the mall. Everything is camo nowadays, everything is fashionable but nothing of this is punk. Then you had people like Public Enemy security/dance act S1W dressed in camo gear, not to mention Das EFX that were dressed of such a pattern like it was their uniform and the thing went on. Smif n Wessun? For sure. Same for Capone’n’Noreaga? . How about Master P and his No Limit soldiers?! Starter is a fresh brand with old school roots so they were there like I was when all this started. SRD Distribution sent in this cap knowing my love for caps and for camouflage so this is what you get today for the special “caps only” that is going on here this week. What is stupid nice about this cap is the perfect combination of colors. Beside the Woodland camo pattern that you see here printed on cotton, there is a visor black on top and orange in the below part. This color is used close to camouflage to prevent another bird hunter from inadvertantly firing a shot in your direction. The purpose of camo is breaking up the outline by fooling the eye. Don’t be a fool and cop this Starter cap here on the head of Deborah C part of the Black Label collection before it’s gone like a bird that you couldn’t hunt.

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