“Time to rock, the sound I got, it reigns hot/makin’ necks snap back like a slingshot” (Erick Sermon)

There are a few things as funny as a product toss. Everybody likes the feeling of going home with something that they didn’t pay for it, can you imagine if we talk Starter Black Label snapbacks?! Remember T-Pain when he sings “And every time I step up in the building everybody hands go up and they stay there, and they say yeah” in “All I do is win“?

This happened last Friday at Old Fashion Milan. There were two rooms packed with people, one was urban hip hop while the other was house commercial and there was the vibe of the great events in the air. I met up with a couple of friends including Filippo C, SRD Distribution sales rep that deals on daily basis in Starter caps. Refuel Global Brands sent me straight from the UK a load of Starter snapbacks to do a massive product toss during the event so basically I was the man in charge makin’ it happen.

I planned everything with Andrea C from The Colors of Milan, the PR group that is behind this event. He gave me a couple of drinks just to run things smoothly and he set up a rendez-vous with photographer Lucilla M at the DJ booth where this was supposed to go down at 2 am sharp. When people saw me grab the mic and starting to toss caps nobody could stop their desire to get such a trophy of the night and arms were stretching mr Fantastic style in order to succeed.

Everything went smoothly as planned so thanks to everybody involved in all this, it has been epic.

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