Starter Black Label ● Luggage snapback

I don’t know about you and that is the funniest part. Who am I talking to? I have no clue. I may tell you anyway that if you only have one cap and you keep on wearing it everywhere you go, you are probably wasting your time here in front of this Starter Black Label snapback. Here at The Maxiemillion I push you to have more than one for a simple reason: you don’t do the same thing and go to the same places all the time. You may wear your blue Starter cap to go to school but to go skate you pick up your Neon snapback. And again if the best looking girl of your school replies yes to your invitation to eat a pizza together, you gotta rock this Starter Luggage snapback. A class act in favor of those surrounding you, this pastel yellow paired with an eco leather visor makes this cap special. May I use the words “timeless elegance”? If your best homie taught you that elegance and streetwear can’t live together think twice, because this snapback drips flavor here on the head of Sabrina B. The real challenge here is to rock it in a matching kit. My suggestion is to look for a pair of kicks with yellowish laces, those “vintage looking” sneakers that seem to be best sellers these days. Otherwise wear it with any neutral colors but white and if you really have to, look for some leather that can go with it. Starter Black Label is spoiling us with pieces that look good, in and out of the hood.


  1. Harlem Stores 20 June 2013

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