Starter Black Label ● Neon

Now, since it’s all week long that you are looking at Guia AG, four pics per post for a total of sixteen pics including these, I kindly ask you if it’s possible to show you the back of ther head just once. This Starter cap that goes by the name of Neon Snapback, like the other ones, is part of Starter Black Label. Here you needed to see the back because of the color of this plastic closure and of course you also gotta put an eye on the different color of the eyelets. I know, today according to what I stated on my post here on Monday we should talk about the girl here, but you know that when I’m in front of a cap, I go bananas if it’s a good one. That flat visor in picture three says a lot about it. So what you want to know about Guia AG? She has a boyfriend and that’s not me. She is a creative and cool person that likes to draw and she’s into art in general. She had the chance to work in a few fashion shows and photo shootings here and there and actually I noticed that immediately. Some girls are hard to shoot, but that’s not her case: she made me take decent pictures of four caps in less than half an hour. I’m happy that I met her. How do I met her? She works as a promoter at Sabotage club, as I do. My time is running over here and now I can just remind you that SRD distribution deals with this snapback and all the other Starter items here in Italy. Now stop looking at the pictures and go cop the real deal (no, not Guia, the caps).

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