State Of Wow ● Waves Snapback

Summertime is about to be over in a few days. Say hello to your coach jackets, multilayered outfits and terry cloth crewnecks. May we celebrate the end of the summer in the coolest way, representing surf? Of course we can: State of Wow is on our side!

Waves Snapback is the wavy cap by definition. What? Don’t you know that wavy is the new slang way to say cool or fresh?! Now if you make me think of it, surfwear is what started this huge global phenomenon now known as streetwear. If skateboarding came from surfing, it goes without saying that the magical board that glides on the ocean is the originator of everything this blog is about.

Surfing is a physical activity that goes way beyond sport. It is a state of mind that turns surfers into mystic people, always interacting among their skills, their equipment and the natural element. That’s why such activity has always had a cool aura that nobody can touch, no matter the trends.

State Of Wow totally agrees with all of the above and this is the reason why its long hot summer included in its range this ill no logo (if you peel the sticker off. Please leave it…) headwear piece. No matter if you surf all year round moving through continents or if you just sympathize with this movement, the sublimated print of this snapback is something retro fresh you can’t miss.

Highly suggested to stretch your summertime to the maximum, feel free to rock this headwear piece worn by Ylaria A even in Autumn. In case people ask you questions tell them that you are just too wavy to care…

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