State Of Wow – Huff Quilted snapback

There is a right time for everything. If you are a girl that can’t wait to show how nice your body is, you won’t do it at a wedding. If you are a boy that looks good in a tuxedo, you won’t dress like that to go to a rap concert. So there may be a time where you don’t want to say anything with your cap. Nothing but your appreciation for timeless design and a proper style. State Of Wow has something for these cases among all the other caps available. The brand from Copenhagen that you first met when we saw here that Mike snapback has gone where others don’t dare with this piece. Called Huff Quilted snapback this piece that Giulia M is wearing is a quite impressive headwear piece. Eco leather on the front of the crown and on both sides of the visor get along nicely with the black fabric of the rest of the crown. No branding but on the interior make this snapback special. An “all black everything” undisputed champion, if you let me say so. With all the quilted bags and jackets around you may try some next level outfits with this but it’s not as easy as it seems. Matte leather and shiny leather don’t mix, so put a special attention when you think “I got this” because… you may not have it. I would rather wear this with an overcharged t-shirt to complement it properly without stealing its show. Now that you read this it’s up to you to shine, don’t give this task to your cap. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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