State Of Wow ● Palm Springs Snapback

Considering that Summer vibe is in full swing my question is: are you about to hop on a plane in a few days to land in an exotic location? Or are you staying in the city wishing you could go? No matter which one of the two scenarios you identify with: you are ready for this State Of Wow snapback.

I wanted to dedicate these pictures to the urban types, the hustlers too busy to leave their occupations, those that travel whenever they feel like, no matter the season. So I got some help by Elisa P and I made her model this Palm Springs snapback in a garage, showing you the full potential of this item. It doesn’t need to be contextualized in a beach to shine: it brings the beach vibe wherever it goes.

State Of Wow is welcomed on The Maxiemillion every time with its headwear production, be it vivid like the Sea Breez 5 panel that we saw here last time or toned down like this shade of color among army green and grey. Made of a cotton canvas reminding of workwear apparel, the all over print of palms on this flawless shape is a work of art.

Have you ever been to California? Palms gets you into a sort of “palm state of mind” that is almost spiritual: being you in proximity of so many palms, you feel like nothing can go wrong.

With this snapback it’s the same: let yourself go, everything is gonna be alright when the brand from Copenhagen dresses your head with such finesse. Are you in a palm state of mind yet?
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo.

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