“Straight outta Compton, another crazy a** ni**a/more punks I smoke yo, my rep gets bigger” (Mc Ren)

I admit it: I’m not Wikipedia and I don’t know any damn thing on this planet, so when Max P gave me this t-shirt I was speechless. I never heard Chaser before and this t shirt was so hot it almost burned my fingers. So I did my researches to discover that Chaser has also a Myspace page to rep them online. Go and peep the only blog post of that page and there is a text that goes like this: “Anyone need some t-shirts made? 900 piece minimum. Totally custom. You dream it up, I can make it for you. I only make awesome high-end shirts and I’ll do my best to make you a sweet deal. Hit me up.”. Very much on the bro style deal, gotta say. 900 shirts seem a lot to me for a bro deal, I think that Volcom or Stussy have their printers already but I don’t want to focus on this: who needs 900 tees?! What I would love to tell you, my dear reader, is that this tee shirt made me water at the mouth. How fresh is a rock tee shirt in green?! It totally takes the subject out of context and to me this is pure genius. Plus let’s not forget that AC/DC beside being one of the greatest and most influencial hard rock bands ever, means electricity. I love the idea of rocking a tee that says “electricity” in funny colours. Last but not least if you remember that Frank 151 cap out of Move that I reviewed here, this tee is the perfect match. Actually even this item, beside Frank cap, is available on Move website. Since we didn’t hear from Chaser before, we gotta inspect closely and I gotta confirm that our friends are right: it’s an high end shirt. This means that the feel is that of an actual vintage tee: distressed, light and soft. The print is accurate and a thumb up is for the positioning of the design and the print that goes over the bottom stitching. Brand and size are printed inside and the result is up to the expectations and it’s… straight outta Compton. Who deals with this in Italian turf, you ask? Our amigos at Interjeans srl did up to last collection but next collection will be distributed by someone else, Max P informs me. We even have suspects but since we drop nothing but the truth here, we will stay silent for now. Since now you got the chaser, go get the tequila, homie.

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