Straye ● Venice Cheater

How can’t you love Straye approach to skate footwear market?! Its “Global Penetration” claim is something that I can fully relate to. Who else could come up with a plan to create effective skate shoes for less, meeting the needs of skaters that refused the brainwashing program from sporting goods companies?!

Venice Cheater, here in the hands of Monica B, is a canvas variation on the theme that we first saw a couple of weeks ago, when I first showed you the black suede Venice made in collaboration with Zero Skateboards.

The point of strength of this style, both in style and function, is the toe. The shell toe design here is a modern take of an element that has been around forever in athletic footwear.

Ready for tough times, having to constantly deal with the griptape of your skateboard, not only this style often seen on Antuwan Dixon feet is thirsty for skate action, but it looks great. Not only its shape is flawless but it has a laser engraved micro branding that I find excellent.

Dedicated to those skateboarders demanding protections for their ankles but wanting at the same time a pair of lightweight skate shoes, these Venice are described with witty humor on Straye website, when it comes to this colorway. “We recommend these for fashion shows and extreme action-packed sports, dude!”.

A brilliant way to tell you that instead of rocking the shoes that everybody else wears, when it comes to those off board moments, you can get the attention you want with this pair. Animal prints are crisps on skate shoes and peeping closely behind the laces there is Straye printed among the spots.

But when it’s time to shred you can count on Acid Drop, a technology developed by the brand that made bouncy insoles to better absorb impacts.

Be independent and join the Global Penetration program, copping Straye online at The Shop LGW. All you risk is to love the sense of freedom that these skate shoes give you…

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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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