Straye ● Ventura Cheater

Welcome to the fourth installment of the insight about Straye. The rookie of all skateboard footwear brands came into the current scenario with a dream: provide skaters with skate shoes ready to make you perform at your best, with a really interesting quality / price rate.

After we started with the Venice that belongs to Zero Skateboards collaboration, we saw the same style in its Cheater colorway. Then we went on to explore low tops and the Zero collab gets again in the mix with the Ventura. In order to get things even today we give a look to the Ventura Cheater here in the hands of Marika G.

What is totally cool with Straye is its nonchalant attitude summed up in the words of Angel Cabada that you can read on the About page of the brand: “Straye is a footwear brand for everyone: Pros, Weekend Warriors, Celebrities, Instagram Stars, Skaters, Posers, Lovers, Fighters, Ballers, Savers and everything in between. Footwear focused on quality, comfort, style and fun.”.

I am so tired of (fake) hardcore attitudes that a brand whose team includes from Jamie Thomas to Dane Vaughn via Antwuan Dixon declaring that makes skate shoes (also) for posers makes me smile.

But this Ventura is nothing funny: the vulcanized construction is solid and its fit is really pleasant, let alone the grip of its sole when you roll on your skateboard. In an ideal world, you should rock these Ventura made of canvas off the board and skate with the suede version that will last a bit longer but fortunately it’s a free world and you may do the opposite without causing any trouble to anyone.

The thing is that this cheetah print is just too fresh: you may wear it in so many ways without doing a wrong choice. Are you wearing all black? Absolutely! All white? Why not! Retro sporty? It fits! Clean outfit? Spice it up, then!

Test Straye for yourself picking up your favorite style at The Shop LGW, regardless of your poser factor rate…

Shop online for Straye here:

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