Straye x Zero Skateboards ● Venice

Once upon a time there were sporting goods companies that produced footwear for athletic activities such as running, basketball or trekking.

When skateboarding was born in the 60s it didn’t have specific shoes. Outcome: Californian skaters, skate barefoot or borrow shoes from basketball. The thing didn’t last much as those brothers originally from Holland decide to create the first skate shoes. Other Europeans with more hours on a freestyle skate deck rather than hours spent in an office, took their entrepreneurial spirit and brought it to the table creating the first footwear brand by skaters for skaters.

Fast forward a couple of decades and, once all the skate shoes brand brought out their iconic styles through the years, those above mentioned sporting goods companies venture outside of their confort zone and find themselves in the center of a skatepark, deciding that all those skate shoes on skaters feet are missed sales so they create their skate divisions, to enter what seemed a market with a lucrative potential.

Fast forward a little more and in 2017 comes Straye. Los Angeles very own Angel Cabada (Supra founder) founded Straye (with a circle A) in order to give a big middle finger to the business model of these corporations.

This is what the Global Penetration claim that this brand is all about: bringing out the original rebellious spirit and not letting “anyone else” cash in the world that belongs to us only.

Am I dreaming? Not really, as you can see from the Straye x Zero Skateboards Venice here in the hands of Sara P. With vulcanized soles that look tough to rip, these hightop skate shoes are the same that Antwuan Dixon skates, beside the other sponsored pro called Jamie Thomas, Bakerboy Braydon Szafranski, rather than the new addition on the team Dane Vaughn

We will get deeper on this subject on the next Straye pair that I will post. In the meantime you should cop Straye from The Shop LGW, the first in Italy to recognize the actual quality of these skate shoes.

Shop online for Straye here:

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