Straye x Zero Skateboards ● Ventura

It may seem like this footwear brand is relatively new to The Maxiemillion, yet today we are giving a look to the third pair of Straye. The brand that creates footwear functional to your skateboarding with a really interesting price point, is back with a another pair.

The first Straye that we saw, before I posted the Venice Cheater two weeks ago, was a Straye x Zero Venice and today we give a look to the low profile slip on skate shoe with the same look called Ventura.

This collaboration style brings back the skull that skateboarders love the most. Jamie Thomas rags to riches story of the homeless guy sleeping at Embarcadero in San Francisco, in order to make an impact in skateboarding, eventually lead to results that include this. Not only Jamie founded Zero Skateboards in 1996 (first as a division of Toy Machine, then later on going independent) but his brand is still around to this day after all this time.

Being Jamie part of the team, together with Antuwan Dixon and Dane Vaughn, Straye wanted to create a couple of collaboration sneakers and what better idea of the Zero Skull?! It is the same logo that you saw on the tee of that kid Sid in Toy Story, remember?

Relying on cow suede for what concerns its upper and on insoles developed using the bouncy Acid Drop technology, feel free to skate as you like once you slip these bad boys on…

With the same pattern on its rubber sole of the other above mentioned styles, it’s the perfect compromise of durability and board control.

It’s never a matter of how many employees your footwear brand has but rather a matter of measuring their passion and authenticity to the game.

Expect to see more and more of these skate shoes: Straye Global Penetration program (whose symbol is obviously a middle finger up) started to reach even Italy and now you can cop Straye online from The Shop LGW. Are you ready to give other skate shoes your middle finger?

Shop for Straye online here:

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