Superdry ● Academy Athletics tee

Springtime approaching makes me want to look far and wide for the freshest tees. You know, something that offers the best value for your money and Superdry fits this scenario perfectly. Forget your average screenprinted t-shirt, this time we are about to venture on a tee that is actually a cut and sew item.

Let me make myself clear. One thing is to buy a batch of blank t-shirts and print them but once you design the tee exactly how you want it, of that particular color that you don’t see around much and you print it with two different techniques, you are playing a whole different game. Add to it a custom band stitched on the line of the shoulders and you have it: Academy Athletics Tee.

The design of this tee includes raglan sleeves, that is not my cup of tea in general, when there are contrasted sleeves, but on the contrary, in this way I like it a lot. The band gives a strong vintage impact to this tee, with its colors recall more high fashion rather than dejà-vu athleisure.

For what concerns the color of the tee, it is what we could call a “blue heather” even if the brand calls it Royal Marl. The print of this tee is what makes it special, with a one of a kind craftsmanship. Peep closely the word Super: looking more an applique rather than a print, it is made of distressed velvet, contributing to the worn look of this item.

But what I find extremely on point is the split technique of printing that uses velvet just above. As you can see Dry is written using regular screenprinting and such mixed visual impact is what makes this item unique/stand out.

Superdry wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for its progressive designs that make each and every item a little big masterpiece. The global lifestyle brand distributed by Interjeans has surely something that you will like: you just don’t know it yet…

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