Superdry ● Arctic Elite Windcheater

It would be really bad to cheat on Superdry. There are actually no reasons if you think that this global lifestyle brand distributed by Interjeans can count on a range that may cover all your needs (and those of your girlfriend too). I gave you a quite wide perspective on Superdry here on The Maxiemillion but I found something that got me curious.

Arctic Elite Windcheater doesn’t cheat on the brand but just on that annoying chill breeze that may ruin your mood. Not a puffy jacket like the Convex Mixed Quilt Bomber that we saw not long ago and not even a windbreaker, this is a lightweight jacket lined with polar fleece. An item that comes with perfect timing if you consider that we are not yet in Spring but it’s not cold like it was before.

Refined with the utmost care in details, as you can see from the hood sewed to the body of the windbreaker in a way to incorporate an elastic cord on it, you can easily figure out the reason of Superdry success through the years.

Peep how nice is also the little visor on the hood

Equipped with two waterproof zippers on the front and another one inside to keep your wallet or your phone secured, this item has all it takes to become your favorite.

Considering the success of outdoor apparel in these last seasons, mixed with urban style, to have a jacket like this makes you a winner in every situation, especially with such rubber patch on its arm.

Rubber branding thermoglued to the fabric can also be found on the left shoulder and on the back, close to the hem.

Did you figure out this item yet? It’s the clean looking jacket that doesn’t stand out because of a loud print but rather because of effective solutions to live the city to the fullest.

In order not to cheat on Superdry all you have to do is reach the nearest BeStandard store to cop this item. If online shopping is your thing, do it on Bestandard website: it is not considered cheating…
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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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