Superdry ● Hawk Color Block Cagoule

Welcome to another Superdry post here on The Maxiemillion. I was thinking about it right now as I write and I can tell you without a doubt what makes them all special: you never know what to expect. If one of my first posts ever was one of those fleeces with a sherpa lined hoodie, then I went on a sort of exploration.

If Superdry technically speaking is a “global lifestyle brand” this means that you have a virtually endless range to pick from. To be specific, this is a brand that includes in its proposal from jackets to backpacks, from t-shirts to joggers, from polos to steel bottles but this is just the tip of the iceberg because many more Superdry branded items are available.

With a very interesting quality / price rate, this brand offers you items whose level of detail and creativity go beyond expectations and today this is evident, with Hawk Color Block Cagoule under the spotlight. This windbreaker has everything you want if you are in town and your mission is to impress. The branded tape that we saw for a couple of seasons alongside sleeves and pants of your tracksuits, here gets a new positioning, right on the chest, following the inside line of the arm.

You may be fascinated by the royal blue camouflage pattern but like this wasn’t enough, the same pattern is printed on two different ripstop fabrics, one with squares smaller than the other.

Giving a close look to its cuffs you may notice that it is not the classic varsity style with two stripes in the middle but rather a custom design that may remind a Gucci ribbon. Beside this detail you can see on the sides, just below the sleeves that there is a sort of color block design that alternates grey panels to the vivid blue pattern. Looking at it closely it reminds me something, actually…

Don’t end up empty handed: connect your favorite shop with Interjeans, the italian distributor of this brand, while you can cop this online and stand out like never before!

Shop online for this item here:–blue
Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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