Superdry ● Mountain Sherpa Ziphood

Gone are the days of “all black everything” like Jay Z was saying back in 2010. Welcome to “all sherpa everything“, an era that consolidated with Fall Winter 2019 where you can find in each and every collection a sherpa item. No matter if we talk about denim jackets lined in this material or 90’s outdoor style zipper jackets, sherpa is the seasonal must.

Superdry, being a global lifestyle brand, has all you need (or is very close) including of course items that belong to such trend. It is a natural development of last year’s chunky sneakers throwback and it follows a flawless logic.

What’s next after you wear chubby tech silhouettes? Outdoor inspired shoes. Trekking boots. And what could ever celebrate at its best such trend? Wearing polar fleece and sherpa, two materials that up to yesterday were confined to mountain trails and nowadays are fresher than they ever were.

It is the new way to live the city and in such scenario nothing fits better than Mountain Sherpa Ziphood. Its design features a bungee hood complete with three external zip pockets. Here you can fit the trend wihout crazy colorways that in the very end are hard to match. Not only: this style separates the men from the boys. While boys dress to impress, men know exactly what they want and leave crazy mixes of colors to young’uns.

With its strong mountaneering inspiration, this item has ribbed cuffs to keep cold weather out and a breathable lining to maintain the ideal warmth of the body.

Featuring a zippered pocket on the chest with a little branding consisting of a woven label, outdoor style is all here… ready to be worn in the city. You can use this as a jacket before Winter comes and also create layered outfits. In this case you may wear a light waterproof jacket over it, creating the ultimate combination.

Superdry is available in all shops that deal with Interjeans but in case you have trouble finding one, you can shop online on Superdry website. Be quick before Winter comes!

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