Superdry ● Orange Label Cuffed Jogger

I have seen a lot in these 12 years of blogging. From start ups that never went too far to successful global lifestyle brands, I show support to each and every reality that has “that special something”. I fell in love with Superdry vintage touch on polos, when I was working at a jeans store at the mall right before I started The Maxiemillion.

Among our general proposal of the shop, Superdry had a sharp flavor that I could relate to, where a high level of craftsmanship went hand in hand with a brilliant proposal. Many years passed and not only this brand kept gaining momentum but now I am posting regularly Superdry on the blog, who could ever tell, back then?!

The jogger pant kept gaining momentum too and after I tested how comfortable and good looking Orange Label Joggers were a season ago, I went back at them in their new colorway (and a size larger). No matter if you want to wear these fleece pants à la football player, rather than slightly relaxed, this Orange Label Cuffed Jogger is ready to play your game.

Making its own the “less is more” motto of the great Ludwig Mies van de Rohe, this pant is quite essential. Nothing too out of the ordinary but the handful of details that make the difference here pop out in a bright orange tone. With its small embroidery mid leg the brand creates a connection with the back pocket woven label.

Check how the pant has a ribbed band on the side that you almost don’t see that contributes to the comfort level of this item.

You can spot Superdry fleeces in general from its oversized rivets and cords and these Joggers are no exception. Here you also have branded metal tips, a feature that you don’t get to see everyday. Make sure your shop connects with Italian distributor Interjeans, while in the meantime you can cop these online straight from the source (at a very nice price)…

Shop online for this item here:–navy
Photos courtesy of Ema Nema

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