Superdry ● Orange Label Joggers

I was just saying it the other day to a friend: lately I have an hard time to wear denim pants. I love denim jackets but pants of this fabric almost seem to be a thing of the past and even the streetwear industry seems to agree with me.

One of the most comfortable alternative to what was once simply called jeans are sweatpants. It is a side effect of the sportswear infiltration in the way we dress on regular basis: now that you can wear sneakers everywhere you go and hoodies are allowed even in offices that once had a strict dress code, it was the turn of sweatpants to become popular.

How could Superdry not give us its version of the story? Here we are, checking out in detail its Orange Label Joggers, courtesy of Interjeans. Among all the available designs I picked this one, to give a sort of follow up to that time I posted here Orange Label Lite Ziphood.

If you associate the global lifestyle brand from UK with a “loud or nothing” approach to design, you are far from the truth, as it’s easy to say peeping these pictures.

These fleece joggers beside being really cozy to wear, have little branding that stands out for its bright color rather than for its dimensions but what made me think this is a crisp item is its band on the side. In a moment where the norm seems to have a band on the side with a 90s style of branding all over it, Superdry felt like placing there a ribbed band, to give you a better fit once you wear this garment.

The smart way to wear these pants is to mix in your outfit something less sporty and more street. How about that Superdry Rookie Patched Deck jacket that we saw here not long ago?!

If I was you at this point I would go at the nearest BeStandard store and I’d try them on together. But no worries, you can try everything at your home, shopping online at BeStandard website.
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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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