Superdry ● Osaka Team tee

The global lifestyle brand that conquered the heart of many is back on The Maxiemillion. Last post about Superdry was a combo of an exotic backpack together with a Sports Bottle and today we keep on exploring this brand with the help of this Osaka Team tee.

While for many a tee is… just a tee, let me tell that this item is kinda like a car: all of them take you from point A to point B but there are many different styles of cars. This tee that Marta P is wearing is the equivalent of a 4×4 ready to take you where you want with no virtual possibility to go unnoticed.

Its loud print is inspired by sportswear, from those old school mesh jerseys that dress your basketball heroes in their best moments. The color palette is really smart: Superdry made these tee impressive using navy blue and white, two of the most smooth colors. What is interesting here is the print on the sleeves that suggest a possible outfit solution with a vest with no sleeves.

Beside the print what is superior about this t-shirt is the thickness of its cotton that, together with its solid print, invites you to wash it over and over. In this way this item will only have a better vintage feeling. As an ending note, I invite you to check closely the contrast stitching on the side, where the woven label is. Further details that talk about the level of this item, distributed by none else than Interjeans.

Your engine is roaring like it should now: ready, steady… go!

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