Superdry ● Oxygen Zip Hood

There is always something very strong design wise when we talk about Superdry and we could say the same about its quality. I was talking about it with a friend the other day: a hoodie by this brand is unique if you look at its large rivets and thick cord. When it’s something that you recognize, reality surfaces: Superdry leaves a mark.

With its activity started in 2004 this global lifestyle brand conquered a place among young and adults alike with a range that has the right item for every occasion. Did you forget Camo Dual Zip Arctic Cagoule? We even saw accessories by this brand like Palm Kayem Montana backpack? But today for the first time we have a zip Hood by the brand that calls UK home.

With a strong sportswear inspiration there is no denying that Oxygen Zip Hood doesn’t go unnoticed. With an innovative craftsmanship that may seem an average screen print at first, this hoodie here worn by Lisa L has which rubber stripes and branding. You should touch to truly understand the feeling but let’s say that your fingers run smoothly through the fabric just to stop on the rubber that has a sort of silicone feeling.

I love the retro colors very much and even its 07 back print (maybe to celebrate the year that David Beckham wore a Superdry Brad leather jacket) but the real finesse here is among the stripes on the sleeves. Peep that silver stripe that is almost hidden. Don’t you think that it’s mad crispy?

Pull the zip until you cover entirely our mouth if it’s the case, with the trademark rivets and cord that I told you above. Even if this is a Winter ready item, it may even serve as a jacket during Spring.

Now the question is: with the almighty Gue Pequeno wearing Superdry, who’s gonna stop this brand? I let you do your thing now: go at the nearest BeStandard store to discuss this post and to try this item. No BeStandard? No problem! What is online shopping made for?
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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