Superdry ● Rookie Oversized Hood

I have nothing but love for Interjeans. This unit blew up with a structured plan that makes the difference in a streetwear world where often even the major players love to improvise, but this here is not the case. I have been in touch with this distributor since the glory days of Upper Playground but in recent times the focus of the company is on brands that have a broader reach.

Among its roster Superdry is without a doubt a favorite and it ain’t hard to understand why. Its style keeps on being contemporary, ready to give the best on the themes of the season and today its careful approach is on a leit motif in full swing: army apparel. It seems to be camouflage and army green moment now, so I picked an item from Superdry collection that not only is developed following this mood, but is also odd if you compare it to another hoodie of this brand.

If Superdry fame may be also a result of its hoodies that show a vintage touch made of cracked prints and huge retro logos, here fit and details are the key to understand this Rookie Oversized Hood worn by Ilaria C.

First and foremost how sharp is its bomber pocket complete with a woven label on its left sleeve? The smart move here should be to wear this item with a sleeveless vest that lets this detail show off.

Its thick cord gives character to the hood and its metal tips are branded in a superior way. There is a hidden kangaroo pocket that is accessible through two zippers on the side and it’s here that I went literally crazy. Where else could you find a custom zipper pull that includes a microscopic roll (that actually rolls)?

It is also the relaxed fit to make this men’s item made of thick terry cloth interesting. Next time you are in town head to your BeStandard store and explore the many options that Superdry offers you. But feel free to shop online: BeStandard website is reliable just like its brick and mortar shop…
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