Superdry ● Rookie Parachute Light S/S Shirt

We Italians have a passion for white shirts. Not exactly me, but youngsters that hit the club with a fancy car and a pseudo good looking girl on the side, love to do this in a white shirt. It’s the way to say that you feel successful if you are not into fashion and your sense of humor is lacking, so the good ole white shirt just ironed always does the trick.

But this is The Maxiemillion, a blog with a global approach to streetwear. Following my suggestions you can feel at ease in every corner of the world, communicating what you are into through your outfit. Outcome: this is no white shirt zone.

Superdry comes at the right time with the perfect item to help me pass this concept. Rookie Parachute Light S/S Shirt here worn by Filippo G is a perfect complement for an outfit destined to an informal night out where “dress to impress” is the mode. But instead of pushing a sartorial vibe our shirt is something among utility and army style.

This item made of light rip stop fabric shows attention to detail, just like in the common modus operandi of the brand. That Rookie Patched Deck Jacket comes to mind, as an example, for the detail heavy style that is typical of Superdry.

The black on black embroidery on the pocket flap is just one of them, together with the patch on the shoulder and the woven label stitched on the hem, where the buttons are.

You don’t see it in these shots but there is even a branded tape in a bright orange tone stitched inside the hem. As you can see even buttons are branded, for an overall result that makes any white shirt wearing guy move far, not to be overshadowed by all this finesse.

Jokes aside, this shirt deserves to be tried on to truly understand. Do it at the nearest BeStandard store, to see the whole pool of brands that belongs to its proposal. But you can do it at home, just clicking this link here below…

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