Superdry ● SD Rogue Patch Trucker jacket

I want to be honest with you: I have a selection of denim jackets in my personal wardrobe that is double the amount of denim pants of the average guy. Sometimes I feel the luckiest guy on earth just because of this. Denim not only brings a happy vibe but… has a story and Superdry today is pleased to tell its to the readers of The Maxiemillion.

Started as a cowboy jacket, now it’s here, in the most exclusive boutiques just like on the most crucial runways of your favorite stylists. Denim can be all you want: from the cheapest fabric, spray painted with bleach with results that is better avoid to real good looking quality denim. Today we deal with the second, leaving imitations out the door.

The denim of this SD Rogue Patch Trucker jacket is distressed wisely, looking genuinely used and abused, with a visual impact that makes it stand out.

It has a vibe that makes me go back to that Superdry Rookie Patched Deck jacket. Not that they look similar but both got overcharged with patches.

How lovely is this mix of patches, embroidery, micro plaque and leather label?! Take note how the branded buttons look special in black rather than the usual copper or bronze. It all adds a bad boy aura to this item that, just like Cinderella shoe awaits a future princess, awaits for the right king.

Now the question: is 54 on patches a tribute to Studio 54 in New York? I shall try to stop to over analyze things and just go with the flow. Regardless of patches and true to life distress treatment, I should simply tell you: this jacket rules.

It does to a point that you shouldn’t make mistakes when you wear it: yes camouflage pants, twill joggers and chinos; no sweatpants and track pants. I would leave out even black pants and other shades of denim, I find that wearing denim on denim is a thing of the past.

I run out of space: get in touch with Interjeans and ask where the nearest Superdry authorized dealer is, now!

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