Superdry ● Triple Drop Pop Panel tee

How can you let Summer go without rocking a crisp Superdry tee? Last one we saw goes back to 2017 so it’s about time to go deeper on this subject once again. The brand with Japanese influences that calls London home has the prerogative to put an attention to detail that is rare these days. So many brands start doing their thing screen printing t-shirts that flood the market but this is not the case. Superdry wants you to walk these city streets proud of what you wear: inspired apparel with a subtle vintage flavor that makes you look fresh all over the world. After all isn’t this a global lifestyle brand sold in 515 Superdry branded locations in 46 countries?


This tee here worn by Desire C is called Triple Drop Pop Panel tee and it is basically a color block tee but… on steroids. Here a lot of factors come into play, from the quality of the fabric to the print but let’s go step by step.


Its colorway is called Navy Birdseye and it’s something similar to a blue version of a classic heather grey. The latter is the color that you find in the central part where an accurate and “in your face” branding lets you understand easily why this brand is a leader in casual apparel. While other brands would go for a generic print, here the four shadows are screen printed while the orange logo is flocked with an elephant skin effect.


The result is a retro flavored tee that offers you plenty of matching opportunities. Considering its green shadows you could wear it with an olive green pant, just like that Superdry Core Parachute Cargo that we saw here a few months ago. It is a mens item, of course, but I see it suitable for a girl too.


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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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