Superdry ● Palm Kayem Montana backpack + Steel Sports bottle

Superdry is huge. Remember back in the 80s when Alphaville told you that it was big in Japan? This brand is big worldwide.

The global lifestyle brand from UK takes care of everything. With this word I mean from snowboard goggles to make up bags. Watches? Why not! Leather trousers? Yessir! You’d better take some time out to browse this website. I just gave a look to the accessories section alone and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Expect something extraordinary from this shopping experience that can lead you real far.

On subject of traveling to far away locations I am proud to show you an item that is ready to talk an exotic language whose keywords are sun lotion, beach towel, sunglasses. Not all of us are going to spend New Years Eve freezing here in Europe, so you’d better come equipped properly before you jump on that plane. This Palm Kayem Montana backpack here shown on the shoulders of Elisa C is a preview of what is about to come next season (read: it’s not out yet).

Ready for your summer activity related to pools and beach resorts, if you are a funny kid you can use it even to carry your books to school: this backpack is ready to show your love for the brand that conquered your heart.

Feel free to always carry with you a matching Steel Sports bottle in order to have the purest degree of water that this metal can grant you, avoiding to the maximum the waste of plastic bottles. Stylish and environmentally friendly: isn’t this brand spoiling you a bit?!

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