Superga ● Sign 2.0 backpack

The keyword to this post is evolution. When a brand stays relevant for decades it could be easy to forget to pass to the next level and remain the same, giving the followers of the brand what they want. Hardly you will survive the test of time if you do so, especially in these times of fast change.

Superga is an Italian classic that knows exactly how these things work and the proof is right in front of our eyes. The Sign 2.0 backpack that is on the shoulder of Roberta G is dynamic and has a distinct style that represents the fruit of the labor of this brand. If its lifestyle shoes are by definition what you call timeless, this time the brand hailing from the hills around Turin worked on this progressive item.

No huge backpack with a bunch of pockets: this time the game got switched. The goal was to create a little backpack using innovative and durable materials with an impactful branding. Mission accomplished! Its measures are 27×41.5×16.5cm so with its thin straps you can still carry around your laptop and a couple of fleeces. Its black matte rubber branding is what makes this item special. This backpack is made of cotton, coated with a waterproof treatment that gives it structure, making it more resistant.

Its spiked base is a tribute to the iconic Superga 2750 that has those sort of micro rubber spikes on the toes and on the heels, if you look carefully. The pocket of the base has only one zipper wrapped around three sides. Superga is tradition in constant motion, don’t forget.

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