Supra ● Skytop II Decade X

The story of Chad Muska, the originator of all the variations of Supra styles called Skytop, goes a long way. Rarely before him a skateboarder brought so much positive energy to the lifestyle we all love. I can’t and I won’t try to give you a resume of his career here, but just thinking back to how he handled to film so much stuff all in a day for that Feedback video is still standing out today. His footwear pro models stand out just like he does. Can you think how much influential the Skytop was when it first came out in 2007? A groundbreaking formula unheard of in the skateboarding community quickly became the talk of the skate town. Like any good footwear release, it’s nice to have a sequel so here you have Skytop II in all its splendor. This version in the hands of Elena S called Skytop II Decade X celebrates ten years of success of this iconic skate brand. Smooth and easy to break in as soon as you wear it, this style has such a strong impact with its suede soft grey gradients that it will appeal those that wear skate shoes everyday. Skytop II stays true to the game with a skate ready vulcanized outsole. Its grippy thread that made possible so many skate tricks from our man is now clear with a superior colorful artwork to contrast the clean light grey colorway. Check Supra Footwear on and come back tomorrow because this is the first of three back to back posts on Blue Distribution brands. You can’t miss any! Pictures courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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