Supra ● Skytop V Black White

Ask me to write about a pair of Supra sneakers signed by Chad Muska and I couldn’t be any happier: I love Supra since its very beginning and The Muska is a classic pro skater among my favorites.

Now that I brought this out, let’s step back a little: time to turn back our watches to 2007. Chad Muska together with designer Josh Brubaker and Supra co-founder Angel Cabada wanted to create something that they could really be proud of, something out of the ordinary. They wanted their dream come to life in form of a hightop that could make an impact on and off board and Skytop I, the signature shoe of The Muska, was born.

Fast forward to 2008 and Jay-Z wearing them gives a huge boost to this iconic skate shoe. From there on it has been a sequel of colorways, materials and designs. Skytop legend starts from its original silhouette up to its fifth edition, here in the hands of Francesca G.

Skytop V Black White lost its skate appeal gaining a lot as a lifestyle shoe where street fashion meets performance footwear. While Supra maintains its skate ready styles, worn by its killer team, this one is a lightweight and dynamic sneaker destined to urban life.

Thanks to an internal neoprene bootie you can rest assured that its fit is superior. Comfort is not lacking if you consider that you have an EVA full length midsole in combination with a deep heel cup. TUF coated sandwich mesh allows for ventilated protection at the vamp. Beside these technical informations this is a mid top sneaker that you cop… just because. No need for a specific reason beside the love for Skytop evolution.


Supra shoes are part of Blue Distribution roster. Get these iconic sneakers, shopping online at Blakshop. Legendary status not included: it’s on you…
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