Supra – Camino by Blue Distribution

Supra is a main character of the revolution that changed streetwear forever. In a state of things where footwear was stale, the brainchild of Angel Cabada came with some new new. Something with charisma, a brand whose models look good on Erik Ellington like on Tom Penny, on Lucien Clarke like on Lizard King. With such a diverse group of skaters backing this start up and a clear vision of what Supra was destined to be, the worldwide success of this independent brand made a buzz that could go no longer unnoticed. Since 2006 Supra gave a new perspective to skateboarders for what concerns footwear. Many iconic skate models came out of this brand: Skytop I and Vaider above all but there are many more that stand out. Blue Distribution is in charge of this brand for Italy and Greece so as soon as this new model called Camino came out I had the chance to put my hands on it. Available both in leather and suede, I picked the latter in its light grey/off white colorway. The Camino is a clean hightop whose design is simple and perfect for its function: a lifestyle boot. Easy to break in since its first steps, the smooth suede wraps around your feet and ankles giving you the right support without any constriction. Its cupsole is beveled in a quite unusual way: another confirmation of how the small things means a lot at Supra design department. So new that it’s not on Blakshop yet, if I was you I would send an email to know when it will be available. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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