Supra ● S1W Banks Stevie Williams

While you waste your time trying to conform to what your friend does, Stevie Williams has a whole different vision on life. He leads, he doesn’t follow. From being part of the “Dirty Ghetto Kids” crew at Love Park to being a top pro skater with a skateshoe out for Supra Footwear, he didn’t change much. He just improved: his skating and his lifestyle are a dream to all those skaters that are in love with his character. His shoe, the S1W, is out in 10 different color variations, ready to meet your personal taste. This S1W “Banks” that Lisa is showin’ us here for the second instalment of “The Maxiemillion Black Week“, is the perfect representation of Stevie flavor. Good for those with an xl bank account or to perform a switch tre on a bank, this skateshoes have a strong outlook. Forget the “no frills” attidude (round laces with a golden thread inside?!): matt in the front and shiny in the back, these kicks are what you want to wear to represent skateboarding in a glamorous style. The matt part is made of Supra TUF, a longer lasting material that has been developed by this brand with skateboarding in mind. I found that ankle protection pod on the side really functional. Perforated for breathability and paired to the padded heel-pull insert, you can move your ankle all you want without losing any protection. I love Supra because of the way they entered the skateboard world: without biting and without a big financial backup but with original ideas and a lot of realness. Do you see where they are now? Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari.


  1. Massimiliano Mameli 11 June 2013

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